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Cloud security managed services

Do you worry about the safety of critical data of your organization? Do you want to grow your business digitally in a secure environment? We provide cloud security managed services to businesses and funded start-ups. Your IT team can get security support to protect clients' data.

The more and more businesses are going online there is also a great deal of security threat to the critical information related to businesses and enterprises. With Cloud security managed services, you can have a remarkable increase in your business efficiency and performance. We design appropriate cloud security managed services to protect the critical assets of your business.

We at Decoder’s mind offers security solutions to detect and respond to a possible cyber-attack. We install, monitor, and effectively manage our cloud security managed services. Our team of professionals manages all the challenges associated with protecting the critical infrastructure of your business data. So your IT team will be less burdened in detecting day-to-day threats. They can focus well on other security priorities.

We tailor our cloud security managed services according to the requirement of your businesses. The key features of our cloud security managed services at Decoder’s mind are

  • Our team of qualified analysts and engineers monitors the security of your cloud data. We are quick in detecting any threat to cloud security and have ample ways to respond properly.
  • We at Decoder’s Mind have the best threat detection tools. We assure the best security outcomes for your businesses and enterprises.
  • We provide the best on-site support along with automated event-based support to your cloud data.
  • At Decoder’s mind, we provide the best cloud security managed services. We have a dedicated team that can provide proper training to your in-house team to respond to an immediate threat.
  • Our cloud-managed security services can easily scale up to your business needs. If you want to shift your business infrastructure to the cloud, you can avail our cloud security managed services.
  • Our cloud security managed services work by a wide range of security controls. We focus on hardening network defenses, enhancing your network visibility, improve security hygiene. We facilitate rapid threat detection, respond and remediate threats and breaches.

    We provide with end to end encryption of your data. You do not need to worry about the security of your critical information stored in the cloud. We provide a user-specific decryption key to the service providers. The user-specific keys are activated by login credentials so data is not easily accessible.

    We also provide well-managed firewall protection. We help you in securing your mobile and web applications with our cloud security managed services. Our services include hosted email and web security too.

    Our flexible pricing system allows you to secure your network from internet attacks. We provide you with the best intrusion detection and management system.

    Decoder’s mind team is proficient enough to protect your critical information and data from inside and outside threats by our well-managed cloud security services. We deploy both human intelligence and machine-related automation to your incoming threats.

    Our team of cyber security analysts provides continuous support and constant management to the threats and attacks detected.

    Our configurated cloud security managed services provide you the ease of automation of your business setup. Our services ensure the security of your workload and data and reduce costs associated with the breaching of data. Our multi-cloud monitoring protects against all possible vulnerabilities. So you do not need to worry about the security of your critical data. We overcome all the present and potential threats. Rely on our cloud security managed services and see the difference.

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