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Database management services

Want some real-world solutions for your database management? Decoder’s mind is the best data management company in the USA. We have the solution to manage your tremendous amount of data coming from diverse sources. We can manage data in multiple formats. A well-managed database management system is critical to the success of your business.

We are the best database management company with a team of professionals who provide complete database administration services. Our services include database integration, monitoring, maintenance, optimization, upgrade of your database system.

We understand your business needs and provide the best-suited solutions according to your business goals and target market.

Decoder’s mind is the best database management company that provides top-class services to leading companies across the globe.

Our trained database administration team keeps a check on your critical production databases and detects any potential alerts to your system. Our team has appropriate knowledge of all database management software including Oracle, Mongo DB, MySQL, SQL server database.

Our experts can handle both open and closed source databases. We recommend and implement the well-suited database solution after a critical evaluation of your organizational requirements.

Our consultants assist you in designing, planning, installation, setting up, and restoration of your data. We provide ongoing support to our database management services. In this time of online businesses, we have the best solution to manage large organizational data and possess the critical analytics to overcome the problems associated with the database management systems.

Our database management services include

  • database architecture design– for building a centralized database system according to the functionality of your business.
  • Patch management– Allows fixing of bugs in the system and improving the performance.
  • Performance tuning– Maximizing the use of resources of the system. This way they can perform effectively and rapidly.
  • Upgradation of database and its migration— resolving all the data-related issues and bugs, improving your database management system performance.
  • Security management– We provide a complete setup to ensure the safety of your data.
  • Back up and recovery– We provide solutions and create copies of data. We store your critical data on-premises or on the cloud to ensure no data is lost.
  • We provide you with the latest version of the database, so you can modernize the infrastructure of your company. We make sure that no data is lost. We provide with consistent cloud experience and seamlessly connect your business applications to infrastructure.

    Our other related services include managed services, Cyber security services, application services. We provide low operational costs. We offer flexible pricing strategies to our clients. We offer tailored solutions to your business objectives. Our expertise is in multiple platforms and suggests you the best according to your business needs.

    To ensure efficient database performance our team has remote database management administrators who provide 24/7 support to incident handling and management. You can stay ahead of the competition by availing the services of the best database management company. We have expertise in SQL and NoSQL databases. We have a system of quick and efficient data processing and enable quick and informed decisions.

    We capture the real value of your business data by fully automated database management systems. We help you stand out ahead of the competition by availing of the services of the best database management company. You can run all traditional and modern apps on cloud-native infrastructure. We provide cloud infrastructure services on demand and as a service. We provide a complete system to connect your data across the cloud hybrid. Our multi-cloud capability offers private, public, and hybrid cloud services. Our team is proficient to give a rise to your businesses and enterprises in the competitive world.

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