Blog aggregators and news aggregators are a type of website that focuses solely on blogs. Articles can be submitted by writers and news organizations. The writer can choose which genre they want to write in and who they want to follow. It ranges from general blog articles to niche-specific blogs. You can even browse blogs related to your preferred genre. End-users can also create customized genres. This platform is for everyone looking for up-to-date blogs and news.

Client’s Brief

The client briefed us to create a platform that would allow different news organizations and writers to upload content in various categories. Unlike typical blogs and news aggregators, though. The client wants us to create an app that not only publishes information but also validates it before it is published. The app can verify the accuracy of data and deliver authentic and relevant information. There should be no incorrect information or deceptive content.

What we designed

As per our client brief, we designed an app named “Slick”. This platform was a dedicated space for writers and news agencies who want to publish their content. The salient features of SLick are listed below:

  • Famous blogs and data can be published.
  • News agencies can publish relevant data including facts and figures.
  • Pre-vetted and authentic pieces of information.
  • Validates the information authenticity before publishing.

If a writer is publishing content for the first time on Slick. The content must go through a process.

  • The news, blogs, and articles will be vetted by Moderator.
  • Viewers can also determine the new's legitimacy.
  • Finally, the moderator aligns reader feedback with the information's validity, resulting in valuable, true, and relevant material.