Euro Taxi

Getting from one place to another is a huge necessity for humans from the very beginning. Development has taken place during this time, and transportation has become very important. For convenience, e-taxis are introduced. With a few taps on the screen, you can book a cab.

Client’s brief

The client briefed us to design a taxi app that is conveniently available to customers. They wanted us to design an app where taxi vendors and limousine vendors can register themselves. As a result, the user may reserve the car they want, at the time they need it, and at the location they want it to pick them up. Furthermore, in an era where people are always on the go and desire a rapid means to get from one location to another. The Euro taxi was a perfect solution.

What we designed

We created the app according to the client's brief, incorporating all of the helpful features that make life easier for users. The characteristics of the Euro taxi app that we built are as follows:

  • The end-user only needs to enter his or her location, and the taxi will arrive at the set time.
  • The payment will be done online.
  • End-user can add the total duration of the ride.
  • From the list of available automobiles, the end-user selects the sort of car he or she wants.
  • We added the cars in three categories: Small, Big and Luxury car.

For the vendors, the features are listed below

  • The same E-taxi software may be used to register a vendor.
  • They will be registered once they have provided the essential information.